Moving Checklist


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Last-Minute Moving Checklist:

 Before you Move: 

  • Notify Post Office- Fill out change of address cards with a forwarding address
  • Notify change accounts and credit cards
  • Mail change of address to subscriptions 
  • Notify banks 
  • Notify Insurance company 
  • Inform service companies (Water, gas, electricity, fuel, telephone, cable) of the date you will be leaving and a reconnection date in your new home if applicable, arrange for any refunds or outstanding balances to be taken care of. 
  • Inform deliveries- newspapers, milk, diaper services 
  • Health information - ask doctors and dentists for referrals. Arrange to transfer medical records, prescriptions, birth records. 
  • Transfer memberships to church, civic organizations. Ask for letters of introduction. 
  • Notify Department of Motor Vehicles of new address for Drivers License or ID. 
  • Obtain your pet's medical records from your veterinary. Find out about transferring licenses and records. 
  • Empty, Defrost freezer and plan to use up any perishable food items. 

  When You Move: 

  • Set aside Jewellery, records, important documents and any other items of value that you will carry with you. 
  • Arrange to have enough cash or credit to cover expenses until you're in your new home. 
  • Map out your travel route, including scheduled overnight stops and give a copy to a friend or relative.
  • Double-check rooms, closets, drawers, shelves, outdoor areas and garage to make sure you've taken everything.
  • Leave house and mail keys with your REALTOR®. 
  • Arrange for transportation of pets if you're not taking them with you in your car. 
  • Pack clothing you'll need until you get settled, toys for the kids, books and anything else you want to take with you or don't want to go with the movers. 

  In Your New Home: 

  • Turn on pilot light on stove, hot water tank and furnace.
  • Check to see that services have been connected; telephone, gas, electricity, water, ect.
  • Check to see if all appliances are working. 
  • Contact post office to see if they are holding any mail for you.
  • Register your car within 5 days after arrival in new province and update your license. 
  • Register with a new house of worship. 
  • Contact city offices to find out about garbage pick-up, local regulations and information. 

The following is a quick reference guide of important contacts and phone numbers you may need:


Utilities & Services     

Phone Numbers

Newspaper  The City Of Edmonton    Epcor (Electricity & Water) 1-800-667-2345
Magazines Atco (Gas)  ATCO (Gas) 780-424-5222
Fraternal Cable Television Telus (Telephone) 780-310-2255
Mail Orders Appliance Services Public School Board 780-464-8111
Books & Records Fuel Separate School Board 780-467-8896
Professional   Garbage

Government & Public

Business Accounts

Phone Numbers

Post Office Banks City of Edmonton 780-412-4000
Schools Finances Companies ATCO Gas 780-424-5222
Income Tax Credit Cards Telus  780-310-2255
Family Allowance Department Stores Shaw Cable 780-490-3555
Old Age Security Real Estate Agency Edmonton Transit 780-496-1600
Canada Pension Plan Service Stations Public School Board 780-429-8000
Unemployment Insurance Drivers License Separate School Board 780-441-6000
Health Insurance Dry Cleaners University of Alberta 780-492-3111
Vehicle Registration Drug Store Epcor (Electricity) 1-800-667-2345

People & Organization

Professional Services 

 Phone Numbers

Friends & Family Doctor Epcor 1-800-667-2345
Professional Dentist  ATCO Gas 780-424-5222
Church Lawyer Telus 780-310-2255
Athletic Club Broker Shaw Cable 780-490-3555
Catholic School Board 780-459-7711
Protestant School Board 780-460-3712

Final Moving Day

Insurance Agencies

Phone Numbers

Meter Life Telus 780-310-2255
Furnace Off Property  Epcor 1-800-667-2345
Lights Off Accident Town of Morinville 780-939-1361
Windows & Doors shut and locked Civic  Alta (Gas) 780-939-4117
Social Videotran (Cable) 780-486-6700

More Important Numbers

Alberta Health Care  780-427-1432
Alberta Home Builder's Association 780-424-5890
Alberta Motor Association 780-474-8601
ATCO 780-424-5222
Better Business Bureau 780-482-2341
Bus Route Information 780-496-1611
Canada Mortage & Housing Corp. 780-423-8700
City Of Edmonton 780-496-6000
City Of Edmonton Planning & Development 780-496-6161
Edmonton Newcomers Club 780-487-2437
Epcor 780-310-4300
Federation of Community Leagues 780-437-2913
Greater Edmonton Home Builders 780-425-1020
National Home Warranty 780-425-2981
Northwestern Utilities 780-424-5222
Shaw Cable 780-490-3555
Telus Communications 780-310-2255
Urban Development Institute 780-428-6146
Alberta New Home Warranty Program 1-800-352-8240
Call Before You Dig 1-800-242-3447
Trans Alta Utilities 1-800-667-2345

Phone(780) 449-2800

Email[email protected]

Fax(780) 449-3499

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