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COVID-19 Safety Response from Now Real Estate Group

Alberta Health Services has deemed the real estate housing industry an Essential Service during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is almost impossible to avoid all face-to-face interaction, but we still can practice physical distancing. As real estate industry professionals we understand the risks with COVID-19. We have an obligation to keep our buyers, sellers, and our colleagues safe while we continue to trade in real estate during a pandemic. Extreme caution should always be exercised.

While we are representing our buyers and sellers and working with other industry members, the best practice currently is to have an effective pandemic preparedness plan to keep all parties to the transaction safe. We all need to work together as a unified real estate industry while we are in these unprecedented times.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or another industry member colleague our health and safety need to be everyone’s paramount concern. Now Real Estate Group’s top priority is to ensure that all real estate services will be uninterrupted during this time. It is not business as usual, but we have measures in place to protect our clients, ourselves, and other industry members.

We have created and activated our pandemic preparedness plan to ensure we are positioned to adapt to any potential increased prevalence of COVID-19. This includes preventative and proactive measures in support of critical business activities to serve all real estate needs.

If a home is currently and actively listed on MLS, sellers are made aware that COVID-19 may pose a slight decrease in showing requests and activity. This may also subsequently delay receiving an offer as otherwise anticipated. However, it is believed that by implementing our unique preventative safety measures it will encourage other brokerage’s agents to show MLS listings and will increase buyer confidence.

Please feel confident that collectively all our real estate objectives have not changed even in the face of COVID-19.  However, how we do business has changed and we will continually keep you informed of any changes.