At NOW Real Estate Group, our experienced and dedicated REALTORS® provide you with high-quality real-estate services, saving you from the stress and bother that comes with the sale of your home if you were to try to sell it yourself.

Most "For Sale by Owner" companies express that they will save you thousands in commissions using their services, but that's not always the case.

In reality, many "For Sale by Owners" have sold the properties for much less than the fair market value because the buyer had their own professional representation. Moreover, most of these companies charge fees upfront - getting paid, whether no matter you are able to sell your home or not.

With that said, do you really think these "For Sale by Owner" companies are vested in selling your home and for the most amount of money?

At Now Real Estate Group, our Associates believe in building trust, respect and long-term relationships with our clients. We do not charge any upfront fees; in fact, our Associates invest in upfront costs to prepare and market your home. We are motivated to sell your home so that we can recover our out of pocket expenses and earn a living while our clients get the maximum return on their investment for their home.

Also, our residential real estate brokerage professionals MUST enter a Written Service Agreement (WSA) with consumers when entering a client relationship. This includes a Buyer Representation Agreement when an industry member is representing a buyer.

An Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement includes a clause that addresses remuneration on how the industry professionals will be compensated for their services. It reads that if the seller is not paying the commission that the buyer will have to pay the REALTOR® for their services, therefore, the buyer may have to eliminate any properties that are listed for sale where the seller is not paying a commission.

Very few buyers want to purchase a home without representation in today's market. Don't leave your money on the table representing yourself; our priority is to make sure our clients get the highest possible price for their home within the least amount of days on the market.

Lastly, once you get in touch, we will arrange to provide you with a comprehensive home evaluation services, determining the right price for your property. We will discuss our marketing plan, commission rates and answer any of your real estate related questions in our presentation. Once you are comfortable and have decided to list your home with us, we'll begin the process of preparing your home for an MLS® listing. Our Associates will make sure to provide the best professional representation for your home from listing to closing the deal, handling negotiations and carrying out the paperwork.

Are you ready to take the next step to sell your home?


Our local REALTORS® help you understand the complete process that goes into selling your home while also answering all your queries. The home evaluations help you get everything ready for posting your listing online. Alongside, we help you set the right price for the home while analyzing against the most up-to-date comparable properties in your neighbourhood.


Get all the support you need to sell your home with NOW Real Estate Group. We provide you with several different resources, tools, in-depth articles and selling guides to help you understand the process and the terminology better. Also, find the best advice to market your house like a pro and assistance in getting the most money out of your home.


If you are looking for a quick-sale of your home for the most money possible with no hassles, please fill in the form on your right and one of our local REALTORS® will get in touch with you.

We are committed to selling your home faster and for more money. Your information will help us in providing more exposure to your home amongst the prospective buyers.

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